The Studio

Welcome to my studio...

I live in the small town of Carleton Place, just 25 minutes west of Ottawa the nations capital of Canada.  We moved here over a year ago, and absolutely love the area and the small town feel. When we first saw this house I knew and dreamed that this would be my studio, the lighting is out of this word and the view is fantastic 365 days of the year. I would say I spend most of my time here, it is my soul, it is where I come to create, to think, to dream.

I have two windows allow natural light in, which is the best for working however I do have track lighting and halogen too when its late in the night. The shelves offer much needed display space allowing me to showcase my work and collection of my favorite things.  

On one wall I have 3 magnet boards which I use like frames allowing me to change things up on a whim anytime I want. I also have my chefs cart, yes I have a food cart in my studio that I roll around, its great to hold things I use all the time, like my ink pads, etc. And if I need to use the other space for workshops it rolls right in with everything I need. 

Another thing I like to do when I am working on projects and sometimes I can be working on many of them. Zip lock has come out with these L,XL, and XXL zip bags that will hold everything I need for each project. As you can see I use lots of them as I am always working on at least 6 - 10 ideas at once. This way if I get bored with one project I can easily work on another one and it keeps me nice and neat.

I also have three I like to call them medical carts with industrial wheels, these are so cool, they hold tons of stuff and I made tags for them also so that I make sure I put things back or if I have a class students can find them easily.On top of the cart I keep my Big Shot, my blocks case and anything else I need handy.

I everything Parisian, as you can see my this picture. I have Eiffel Towers all over the house, and even in my studio for inspiration, why I even found a pillow with it done with beautiful stitching. 

This is my print station, it holds all my standard paper, plus my very vanilla and whisper white stock pile. I can never have to many packages in fact I always keep minimum 10 packs of each on hand, never know when I will be creating or doing a wedding so I like to keep well stocked up. 

I also have one of those picture digital picture frames, that I use this too allows me show off my work but using less space and it is so beautiful.
All of my furniture is from IKEA, except for the work station, I love the module feel, clean lines and the metal feel about them. 

Just a close-up showing my collection of things on the shelf most of these items have been used in one of my photo shoots at least once. Hey there is even a Stampin Up Catalog just in case I need to look for something or even an idea. Always good to have on hand with any current Mini's.

Here is my other window that looks into the big back yard and nothing but nature. This is where I do my computer work, I do all my fun creative things at my work table which is in the middle of my studio. And I have started to use a little blue book to draw my ideas or dreams that I have of things to design. I hate when I have a great idea especially when I dream it and I don't write it down, sometimes I remember other times not so good. I mean you never know what will inspire you next!

And finally my stash cupboards, there are things in there I don't even remember I have. So my New Years resolution is I am dinging things out and organizing things so I know what I have and can create even.