Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad Louiseize

Welcome to Saturday

Today we are celebrating my husbands parents sixtieth wedding anniversary, yes I said sixty. I can't imaging how much things have changed over the last sixty years for them. I often wonder if JC and I will every see twenty-five years let alone sixty? Why if we were to celebrate our sixtieth wedding anniversary that would be in the year 2063? Yikes we only have 53 more years to go.

Anyway the family is having a gathering at JC's brothers place and include in the celebration are my parents too, which is wonderful. The following cards are for them one from my parents and one from JC and I.

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad Louiseize!

Stamped using Hostess stamp set Simply Soft from
Stampin' Ups New 2011-12 Cataloge 

Close-up showing the pin created using Basic Pearls from Stampin' Up and
a basic pearl straight pin like ones you would use for florals.

For me it is always about the details, tiny basic pearls added to
the flower plus a little rock and roll of colour

This card was made using Creative Elements, Hostess Something to Celebrate stamp sets. I love the swirly background from Creative elements and the that I created using silver and the tag, a few jewels and it is lovely!

Shown a close-up of the tag stamped with Anniversary from Something to Celebrate!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Raspberry Delight - Journaling Even the Simple Things

Today I am making some homemade rasberry ice cream for my trip to Barrie and my visit to my next door neighbours new home. She always said if she could make ice cream a food group it would be the only thing she would ever eat. Her's to her see you in a few days!

First Posted July 7, 2010

One thing I find hard not having children is journaling or even keeping memories of the simple things, like making homemade ice cream. One of the reasons I don't really scrapbook is what do I scrapbook about? I can only do so many pages of the dogs I mean they are super cute and I love them but come on how many times can you document them sleeping, eating or doing those cute doggy things they do. So I thought well why can't I do really anything, even the simple things? There is nothing wrong with doing this, I can make memories about things like making ice cream, or spending a day doing nothing but reading a book, or even better about how my lovely husband patiently waits in the car while I scope out the local scrap booking store while he plays his guitar. So that's what I have decided to do, I will scrapbook about simple things that mean something to me.


My first scrapbook page on "simple things that make me happy" I chose none other than the fact that I made homemade ice cream using the berries from my garden. For this page I have used several products most of which are not Stamping Up if you would like to know just e-mail me!

Close-up of the berries and ice cream and the journal tag which when pulled out shows my journal of what I did.

Here is the tag out of the pocket with journal.

Tag open showing journal inside and on the side date and who enjoyed.

Close-up of little tags with season, year and little drawing of raspberries, so cute!