Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keepsake for Baby Evan

Welcome to the world little one ...

I got this great idea from the lovely Marlayne who hosted our Annual Xmas get together last December see here. We made these fantastic V-Day Scrapbooks which are absolutely so adorable to give as a gift. So I put on my thinking cap and thought hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

My good friend Laura and her absolutely darling husband Peter and their daughter Maddy welcomed baby Evan into the world on December 23 and I thought this would be the perfect thing to give them or should I say Evan as a welcome to the world. I didn't included photos I wanted Laura to add them and keep it as a keepsake. So when he gets older she can pass it off to him.

Here are a few images showing the outside and inside, once you have the structure you really can do anything with this, I added an insert that I put a personal message on so when they open it it has his full name and date of birth it is all about the details.

Super simple to make a great gift idea for anyone!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And for Something Totally Different

Holiday Challenge - Acrylic Cherry Blossom

So for over a year now I have wanted to do a painting for my dinning room wall. You see I can't just go out and buy something. I either need to take a photo or photos and frame them or do a painting and usually it is watercolour. For some reason I have kept putting it off for other things I thought were more important. To be honest frankly I was afraid to start it. You see I haven't painted since college or maybe a little after that. A very long time and though I knew in my head what I wanted to do and I had sketched it so many times in my head getting it out was difficult. I think I was suffering from creative funk, and needed to go back to basics. I always love painting and drawing in all kinds of mediums, but for some reason haven't tried for so long.

Over the holidays I made the decision. I can give really good advice unfortunately I can't listen to my own advise. Well during my second week off I did just that I started the 6 canvas panels (yes six) and I am very proud of myself. Though I am not completely done, I have done a fair amount and hope to have it completed and up on the wall within the next two weeks. Plus I have even more ideas the next one I am doing is a mixed media painting using Stampin' Up products, yes I am going to paint, why even do a collage using our papers, inks, and stamps plus tons of ribbons etc. I am getting excited just thinking about it. The canvas is 12" wide by 36" high which works perfect with our 12 x 12 paper.

In the meantime here is the painting I have been working on. If you can picture it when I hang it on the wall each 12 x 12 canvas will be separated to allow a gap in between, don't ask me why but I just have to do it this way. By doing this as separate canvases when I get bored I can mix it up and change them around and it will still work.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Orange and Turquoise 12 x 12 Scapbook Page

Dreams of Maui in Orange and Turquoise

This past summer good friends of mine went to Maui for a holiday and to be remarried. Over the holidays I have been working on some projects that I have wanted to do and the following is one of them. I love this photo of Kaitlin, she is the middle child and absolutely wonderful you women. This photo of her is one of my favorites, there are more to come.

I have also mixed my own shimmer paint, using 99% rubbing alcohol (2 oz) and the all purpose shimmer paint (10 drops) and any of ink re-fillers (depending on how strong a colour you want) from Stampin' Up for this project I used Bermuda Bay.

I love the contrast between the oranges and the turquoise.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Invitation Workshop - March 26, 2011

Want to create beautiful wedding invitations? Then join me for this fantastic weekend workshop. This year I will be offering 2 different workshops by Season or by Theme. Each workshop has 4 completely different styles, using my colour choices or predictions for 2011.