Saturday, May 28, 2011

Such a Tiny Flower But What a Beautiful Smell

Today is over cast here, has been for the last couple of days and to say it has been raining well if I didn't know better I would start building an arch for the amount of rain we have had. I can't imagine what it would be like if we had flooding and to see so many people dealing with this in the US makes my little lake in the back humbling.

Walking in the garden this morning I could smell the ever so fresh Lilly of the Valley and I am reminded of my Grandmother (105) and my Great Grandmother (93 or 96) two special people in my life. Lilly of the Valley was both their favorite and they would wear it all the time. But when it is picked fresh like I do each day they are packed with fragrance no wonder they don't live long. And if I am not mistaken I believe the Catherine Duchess of Cambridge had them in her bouquet when she married Prince William in April this year.

Where I sit in my studio most of the time I see my back yard garden growing with all the rain and in front of my window not quiet at eye level is a very large hummingbird feeder. To see these tiny little birds flutter and stay in one place while enjoying the fresh nectar is so beautiful and a wonder. There must be a nest near by with the amount of feeding going on.

I would like to thank those who have e-mailed me privately sending me prayers and letting me know they are thinking of my Dad and hope that he is well soon. For those of you who wanted his address to send a card which is absolutely wonderful and sure to boast his spirit here it is:

Walter (Wally) Pullen

Smiths Falls, ON

Today is just a short note my wonderful husband is hooking up a ribbon holder for me using some "S" hooks a thread metal screw rod, and some chain. I am not sure if your like me but I love ribbon and lots of it, every time I want to look for something or see what I have in stock it has been a challenge. I have a plastic contain filled with ribbon that won't close and it is a terrible mess. It's funny there are days when I fell so organized and then others where improvement is definitely the topic for the day. Today is that day.

So today is my organizing day, can't work in the garden so I might as well work in the studio. A quick shopping trip to the local Home Depot was on the agenda this morning, lunch out and then home for a quick DIY job.

I will post pictures to show you what I did and the list of supplies and a difficulty scale just in case want to tackle this yourself.

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Super Hero

With Father's Day coming up soon I just wanted to write a quick note today about My Super Hero. We all have someone in our lives that we look up to mine is my Dad.

My Dad is a simple man not wanting much in fact the joke growing up was that he had the same two bucks in his wallet that he always had but today it is a $20.00 and he would give it to you if you asked. That is just who he is.

Your probably wondering why is he my super hero other than the fact that he is my Dad? Well he is the only man that I know who has spent his life looking after his family, he has an inner strength that I am in awe about. You see my Dad used to drink, he wasn't a mean drinker but none the less he was. Approx 18 years ago he was very sick and his doctor basically said either you quit and see your grandson grow up or else. So he quit, not with the help of anyone just himself and his never ending will power to change, to want to live. During this time another good man died from alcohol poisoning alone and with no one. My Dad had a hard time understanding why he choose this path. My answer to him was because you have to want too, you have to have the strength to want to live.

Today Dad has a new challenge in his life, his Brain Cancer has returned and today he has started Chemo at home. The next 5 days will be a challenge for him, and I have faith in that strength, that want to live and his will be strong enough to get him through.

I love you Dad, and thank you for being you...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Documenting Your Family History

 Using The Open Sea and Nautical Expedition

When I received my advanced Mini I jumped for joy seeing the new DSP Nautical Expedition and the beautiful stamp The Open Sea. Today's share is a picture frame using only glass and matt so the only the focus is on the photo and the design.

For this project I used the Red and White Bakers Twine, I originally wanted to do sailors knots but the twine is so fine I was only able to do one at the bottom center and for the rest I just let it twist and turn having its own life and securing it with glue dots. I like how this created the frame for the whole piece. Adding the stamp from Strength and Hope and two Antique Brads enhanced the frame feel and made it complete.
Next I used a section of the new Nautical Expedition DS paper and some Cherry Cobbler card stock stamping the background using The Open Sea stamp set. Next I designed using MDS (My Digital Studio) one of my favorite passages...

We are tied to the ocean.
and when we go back to the sea,
whether it is to sail or to watch
- we are going back from whence we came...

I then sanded the photo to give it a more rustic look and added Cherry Cobbler card stock to the back. So simple with a great impact. This can be a great gift for anyone.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seems Like Forever

Hello all sorry I haven't posted in awhile it has taken me 5 weeks so far just to energy to do this. But I am back and hopefully will be more consistent with my posting. So for those who have wondered where I have been I have been home ignoring everything trying to get myself back on track since I lost my job.

Last weekend we had our first Spring Fling where we get together with other Demonstrators and their guest and share, learn and create. I love these events I find after spending time with these lovely ladies you feel not only better but inspired. The event includes a speaker, at our last event I got to be the speaker and this time it was the spectacular Kim Assely from River Front Stamping and as usual she was fantastic. Sharing with us her style and techniques that she loves to do. Her demonstration focused on doing a Party Workshop. She created a banner, invitation, cupcake flags, and a guest book all using the new Stamping Up products from the Spring Mini. Her theme was boating using the Designer Series Paper Nautical Expedition and The Open Sea, Sail Away and Bakers Twine.

We also had demo booths, where demonstrators share a different technique or design that they learned. For my booth I shared my design for Matchbook Invitations using Designer Series Paper Nautical Expedition and The Open Sea for My Digital Studio. Yes, I have gone digital though it hasn't been without me kicking and screaming. For those who know me I have had the software ever since it came out but only started to learn how to use it over the past 5 weeks.

Talk about jumping in and having fun.

Matchbook Invite
This invite works exactly like a package of matches but bigger and was done using My Digital Studio or MDS for short. By doing it in MDS I was able to have a lot more flexibility then I would using the normal paper and stamps. Allowing me to enlarge the stamps to different sizes where with the standard stamps you get one size only. Now I am not saying that I am not going to stop using traditional stamps and DS paper that will never happen I love things that are tactile. But when you have to make a bunch for a party this has to be the fastest and the easiest way to do it and it is fun too.

So here are a few samples and instructions on how to make.

The Baby Shower - SWEET NEW BABY



For this one I added googly eyes to make it fun for the kids.

Julia & Trevor - SAVE-THE-DATE