Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wedding Invitation

Elegant Eggplant meets Wonderful You.

Hard to believe, that such simple things as paper, stamps and colour can create such a beautiful thing. This wedding invitation was done for a good friend of mines daughter. A short consultation was done and I showed her the samples from the workshop I attended, she instantly fell in love with the sample and I suggested that I do her a sample in her colours. With my samples she also saw my good friend Kim's invite and feel in love with a poem that I had shared with her from my wedding.

"If I live to be one hundred
I want to live to one hundred minus one day
because I never want to live a day without you"

- winnie-the-pooh

She was instantly in love with it and wanted to included this with her invite, but how? I suggested vellum and the amazing thing is that it prints so well on my printer that it was meant to be, and with her suggestion it was attached on the inside so as to no clutter the outside. And it worked. Along with the invite I did a map, reply card, a invite for the dance only and I am currently finishing up the place cards.

I will post a picture of the happy couple in a few weeks.

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