Sunday, April 13, 2008

50th Anniversary Invitation - Non Traditional

No Gold for This Invitation

Well it is hard to believe but my parents will be celebrating their 50Th Wedding Anniversary this coming June. In honour of there love and commitment to each other my brother and I are holding a special dinner inviting approx 70 friends and family to help celebrate something so rare these days, a half a century. This day will be a day of memories, for those who are present and a time to reflect for those who have past on.

Here is the invitation that I created for them, a non tradition no gold here, instead I used violet and chocolate, hope you love it as much as my parents do.

Front (to open lift rounded flap)

Front Flap Close-up "P" for Pullen

Inside Invitation

Close-up of their Wedding Photo

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Karen said...

Wow! This is absolutely amazing. I love it! The colours are gorgeous, the layout is fantastic and the little picture of them is just the perfect touch. It's a wonderful shot of them, so much in love and knowing that they've been in love for 50 years makes it that much more special. Hope the party is a huge success!