Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Clean Up Brings Up Past

Old MAC is Donated to Brother-in-Law for Research
Well I am finally getting ride of my old MAC, my second computer the power and mighty G4. And as I pack this baby away (my brother-in-law wants to get at it's guts and see how it works, my donation to the Nerds out there) I feel both sad and glad to be purging.
This computer cost me a fortune (I probably still have the receipt) and I am sad to see it go but it is time. In doing this I also had to clean off my hard drive of all software and files and discovered most of my school work is on this computer, that's how old it is.

So sit back and enjoy a trip down my memory lane ...



This is Kira who is now 12
This is Kaitlin who is now 10

Marker Rendering:


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