Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mojo Monday Week 75

Bright Colours Make Washington Apple Delicious!

Here is my latest submission for week 75 Mojo Mondays .
I am trying lately to get out of the box by using bright colours instead of safe colours. You see I'm more of a natural tone person, you know earth tones, NOTHING TO LOUD. Even my wedding had no colour, which totally confused my mother. "What are your colours going to be for the wedding?" and my response was no colour. Basically I did everything in creams, with tones of cream. Why even the girls dresses were cream and made of honour tone of beige. I think that I surprised everyone, you have to understand I work in colour all day. For those who don't know me I am a Art/Creative Director/Graphic Designer so you can see where this is coming from. And I am addicted to paper, not that bond stuff I mean the real nice stuff. So this week I am doing my own intervention, I have to use the paper that I have been hording in my cupboards. For those who know me this is very difficult because I love to collect paper, I have been known to buy paper just to keep never to use. I don't care I just love to look at it. So for my first milestone (or intervention step 1) I am using Stampin' Ups DSP Washington Apple and boy is it bright.

Here is my submission for week 75 plus of course my favorite thing the close-up hope you like!


Artyjen said...

Love your card. Know what you mean though, I find it hard to use bright colours myself.

Jenny said...

Beautiful card!!