Monday, July 5, 2010

Just a Little Chatter - Nothing Says Fresh

Nothing Says Fresh Like Homemade

Nothing is more wonderful then being able to go outside your backdoor, head to the garden and pick the sweetest raspberries I have ever tasted. Well to be honest mine always came in a container from the store, so these are the best ever. When we bought our new house over 9 months ago it came with these fabulous gardens and with that several raspberry bushes.

About 2 weeks ago my husband and I bought a ice cream/sorbet/gelato machine from Costco in the hopes of making some fresh treats instead of store bought garbage which contains so many things I can't even pronounce. My first try I made vanilla something easy and not to difficult. It was a special Fathers Day treat along with a chocolate fondue, it was a great hit especially when you drizzled the chocolate as it hardened on the ice cream so delicious!

Yesterday I picked a whole punch of raspberries and thought I am going to make some ice cream with these and headed to back in the house before I ate them all. Making homemade ice cream is not hard at all you just need to prep ahead of time. I leave the freezing bucket in the freezer just in case this way I don't have to wait 24 hours for it to freeze which is the most important thing. Using the recipe that was in the book for strawberry I changed it slightly by removing the lemon and adding more raspberries. It was super easy and within 25 mins I was done and into the freezer it went. Now if you like soft ice cream you can just leave it in the freezer for several hours and it is good to eat. I like my ice cream hard, and cold so I let it go over night in fact almost 24 hours.

So today after our BBQ we invited our wonderful neighbours Lee-Anne and Gary for something fresh and delicious. It was a great hit!

Tomorrow I am going to do a scrap booking page of my raspberry bush, picking them and the end result, I know silly but I am so proud of myself. I don't know what I like more making the ice cream or shooting pictures of it LOL.

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Looks delicious!