Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gathering of Family, Celebration and Happy Birthday to My Niece

Paper Trees, Good Food, Family & A Sweet 16 Birthday!

This Xmas we have so much to be blessed and happy for. This year we hosted for both of our families. With my brother and his wife Lynne and nephew Matthew in Nova Scotia visiting Lynne's parents this holiday season. We thought it would be great to have both our families together and make it one big celebration. Here are a few shots of everyone having a good time just being together, and isn't that what it is all about?

I would also like to wish my absolutely beautiful niece a Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, she shares her birthday every year with Christ and this year we wanted to make sure that she enjoyed her special day too, with singing and a special dessert. Happy Birthday my sweet Yolene!

Table center pieces made out of Candy Cane DS paper from Stampin Up. A little work but well worth the time and effort!

My Mom and Dad Pullen. Doesn't Dad look fantastic! 8 months after his brain surgery and radiation he looks absolutely fantastic. Mom unfortunately is suffering from the flu and was forced to wear a mask, of course not while she was eating. Poor her we kept on picking on her not to touch anything so we all could stay health.

Mother and Father Louiseize enjoying a good dinner and family fun, thank you for the champagne!

Two of my three crazy brother-in-laws, Jean on the left and Andrea on the right, gosh I love you guys, always so thoughtful and very good appetites! Andrea your silly!

My other brother-in-law Robert and sister-in-law Edith. Thank you for the care package as always it chalked full of goodies, we look forward to a late night snack!

My darling niece Yolene, who yesterday celebrated her Sweet 16th Birthday, she is a beautiful women and makes me smile. Thank you Yolene for allowing us to be part of your life. Next to her is my crazy husband who you already know. Thank you for all your help yesterday, you were amazing as always!

All of us together celebrating such a wonderful day it was. I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful day with your family!

Happy Holidays from us to you!

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