Monday, January 21, 2013


Phew it is Out of the Bag - Stampin' Success Feature Guest Artist

The latest issue of Stampin' Success was released on-line today and I'm delighted to share that I was featured as guest artist for the month of August.

My experience:
The hardest thing was keeping my excitement from my Stampin' Up family over the past several months. Who would have thought entering a design challenge (see here) would result in my receiving an e-mail invitation about an opportunity to be guest artist and better yet doing a wedding theme? To be honest with you at first I thought it was a joke. The night before I was saying to a good friend of mine Kim Roberts see her wedding here. How it would be a thrill to get published and the next day I get an e-mail from Kim Jackson at Stampin’ Up. Who would have thought.

How I became a demonstrator:

Like many of you I was tired of going to the local craft store or scrap booking store and spending hours trying to match patterned paper and card stock, ribbons and accessories, even stamps were a huge challenge. Yes I am a scrap booking card making snob. I am very particular when I do my craft art. I want tools and materials that will enhance my creations. So one day I had bought a new scrape booking magazine and was turning the pages and came across an ad for a company called Stampin’ Up, googled it and was instantly sold.

Everything match's from card stock to ink to markers, why even the stamp sets could be intertwined, even better I could order from Canada. So I went to find a demonstrator option on the website, looked through the names of demonstrators in my area and found a new friend and up line Kim Kirkwood. I attended one of her home workshops and that was it, I was sold. I have not looked back since and that's was almost 3 years ago.

What I love to do:

Today I specialize in one of a kind wedding invitations. I love working with brides and making their dreams come true. I offer a full service from designing complete wedding packages.To working with the bride who wants to create their own. I love to create one of kind invitations that express each couples special day.

I love doing workshops, Xmas, Wedding, Showers, Mother's Day just about everything. Currently I am doing a personal challenge called The 7 Day Challenge see here.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5. Day 6 and 7 are to follow so don't forget to subscribe to my blog today.

My experience:

I am a Creative Art Director for a local high tech company, I manage a team of 4 designers, 1 student photographer and 1 Production Manager. I have been working in the high tech industry now for 12 years now, prior to that I worked full time as a senior graphic designer for our local college and was also continuing education teacher for 2 years.

I am married to a wonderful man who is very supportive of my creativity, we have no children but do have two furry kids, Gadget and Holly. We love to travel, and are hoping to go Ireland next year for our summer vacation.

Our wedding day June 7, 2003.

Thank you:

I would like to thank Kim Jackson Sr. Writer/Editor from Stampin' Up! Kim was so wonderful to work with and truly made this a wonderful experience. From the initial e-mail, to the final product I was honored to be a part of this.

Look for my upcoming demonstrator work shop this coming September see here.

Questions leave me a post and I will answer your questions on my next post.


Dawn said...

You desierve it...Your work is GORGEOUS! I found your blog a couple of months ago and am amazed at your talent. Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Wow! You are one humdinger when it comes to secrets! This is soooo exciting. I can't wait to read the article and see the on-line extras. I'm so excited for you, and this is wonderful that so many others will be able to see your creations and be inspired.

britcanadagal said...

Congrats!!! what a hard secret to ever did you manage???....

I'm so very proud that my 2 fav blog ladies (Mary Fish & Yourself) have been in the last 2 Stampin Success magazines. Love it..!!! Glad to see recognition & limelight has been given to 2 lovely & sweet people.
Thanks for your guidance & friendship!
Love SueM

Jennifer said...

Oh Jo-Ann, what a **HUGE** secret you have kept!! You will be published again and again - that I am sure of. Your work is so STUNNING - I am always excited to see all the new things you have created!!

Thanks for always sharing!
Jennifer DiMarco

Karine said...

Wow, Jo-Ann! You are truly a gifted person, I am not surprised SU! saw that from your samples. :) I can't wait to read this feature in the Stampin' Success!

Julie Ramos said...

Congrats! The article and layout are gorgeous. I cannot wait to get my "real" copy in the mail to hold in my hands and savor your article. Well done!

Nancy Riley said...

WOW! CONGRATULATIONS, JoAnn! I'm so happy for you ... you are soooo deserving of the honor! Your work is always over-the-top-gorgeous!

Josee said...
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Josee said...

Way to go Jo-Ann! I was so excited to see you in print! You did a fantastic job on the samples! You deserve the recognition and fame! :)

marlene said...

i truly admire your works :)

Dawn said...

WOW!! Congrats on being the Guest Artist that is SO exciting and VERY well deserved. Your projects are AMAZING!!! I do have question- how did you get started with the wedding business? What kind've prices do you charge for your one of a kind wedding projects? And where do you have the text printed?? The printing AND projects are GLORIOUS!!!

JBassem said...

JO-ANN, What fabulous art! You have an eye for design! Congratulations on the "featured artist" honor! I just saw your article, and I can't fall asleep because the beautiful, jeweled medallion invitation is floating through my imagination. Truly: WOW!
p.s. Is the majestic purple Elegant Eggplant?

Jo said...

I just got the August Stampin'Success today & as soon as I saw the article about Wedding invitations, I jumped into it! So that's how I found your blog & saw all of your wedding projects and all I can say is 'WOW!!!!'.
I've helped with 2 wedding invitations so far, and have a 3rd one coming shortly, so I am not too good with that kind of project yet, but your samples are so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing & I hope you don't mind, but I will be a regular visitor on your blog now! lol
By the way, do you use a special computer program to do your prints? How do you get the colors so close to the SU colors?
Thanks for sharing with us & Congratulations on being a featured artist!