Monday, May 20, 2013

Handmade Harvest Craft Show

So I did my first craft fair a few weekends May 4 th to be exact in a local town called Almonte, Ontario about a 15 minute drive from where I live in Carleton Place. The show is well known for local artisans, crafter's and foodies and for it's line-ups at least 1 hour before opening with approx 50-100 people waiting to get in. The show is called Handmade Harvest and runs twice a year spring and fall/winter. 

With it being my first time I didn't want to invest to much money/time seeing I wasn't sure if it was my style so I shared a table with my good friend Cynthia from Simply Yours. We had a ball from checking out the other crafter's to taste testing and especially meeting new people.

I seriously had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. I am taking on-line orders for the following items.

Large Felt Owl Bag $55.00 CAN
Medium Canvas Vintage Bag $35.00
Felt Owl iPad Holders $35.00
Felt Leaf iPad Holders $35.00
Felt iPhone Holder - Owl $15.00
Felt iphone Holder - Flower $15.00
Felt iPhone Holder - Crochet Flowers $15.00
Felt Hair Clips for Babies 3 set $12.00
Felt Hair Clips for Babies 1 large $12.00
Burlap Vintage Gift Bag $15.00

Shipping Standard $10.00, if less refund will be given

My display at the show using a shelf on it's side love last minute ideas!
Felt Hair Clips for Babies $12.00
Close-up of Felt Large Bag with Owl
Felt Owl iPhone Pad Cases two styles
Super cute iPhone Cases 
Close-up of iPhone Cases
Burlap Vintage Gift Bag $15.00
Canvas Vintage Medium Size Bags $35.00

Canvas Vintage Medium Size Bags $35.00

Canvas Vintage Medium Size Bags $35.00

Canvas Vintage Medium Size Bags $35.00

Felt Hair Clips for Babies $12.00

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Karen said...

Your booth looks amazing! So glad you had a good time. You have such a talent for offering stylish and beautiful things, but making them unique and special.