Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scrap'n Stamp Canada Thank You Card and Mini Gift Bag

Happy Thursday!

Today is the big day that we sign all the paper work for our new house and we are so excited. The move is now taking shape and is really happening. Currently we are surrounded by numerous boxes, packing papers, seriously it is crazy. And my studio is a disaster, I have been working hard at well not packing it it seems but that will end this weekend, with our moving.

Isn't it wonderful that when something as big as a move happens that people just pitch in and help. There have been so many wonderful friends helping us that my next project for
Scrap'n Stamp Canada turned into a combination Thank You card and mini gift bag. The colours were inspired by rich jewel tones and beautiful waterlilies. the mini gift bag is just perfect for chocolates, or a small token of thanks for anyone that has touched your life.

You can see my card and mini bag here at Scrap'n Stamp Canada

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