Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Proposed Challenge to Help A Little Girl

Hi Ladies:

For those of you who were watching Dr. Phil today, I generally don't as I am not home but today was different and I knew that I need to watch and I am glad that I did.

About a week ago I was sent a message from a friend of mine about this beautiful young girl at Phoenix Children's Hospital check her blog
here. and I was brought to tears. Since then I have been wondering what I could do to help, how I could spread the word and help make each day that she has to spend there brighter, cheerier and happier when she herself can't be. And the light bulb went on. I would like to propose this challenge to you.

I would like each of you who are visiting my blog to create a card, a paper craft, a poster and 12 x 12 scrapbook page that will help make Kate's day a brighter one. Make a GET WELL SOON, THINKING OF YOU, PRAYING FOR YOU card what ever you would like to do. Get your kids involved, teach them the importance of thinking of others at this time of the year, about all year. Teach them about the spirit of giving to others about praying for others.

I would love to send as many as possible to fill her hospital room with prayers and love from Canada, from around the world and make each day she spends in the hospital a better day.

So take sometime this week, weekend whenever and create a card, a paper craft, a poster what ever you like. Add a heart somewhere on your design as a symbol of the love and prayers that we are sending to her.

Send me an e-mail letting me know that you have accepted the challenge and include a picture of your card, paper craft, poster or what ever you like and each week I will post to my blog all the cards that were sent to Kate and at the end of each week I will make a draw for FREE blog candy!

So get your CRAFTING and lets send love and prayers to Kate today!

You can send your cards of love and prayers to:


c/o Phoenix Children's Hospital
1919 East Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016
United States



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britcanadagal said...

What a wonderful idea Jo-Ann... I was crying reading it...Count me in!