Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Designer Showcase at Scrapn' Stamp Canada

Hi Everyone:

Today I am the featured designer over at Scrapn' Stamp Canada.

Don't you love to give homemade gifts? I especially like to at this time of the year. I am always looking for a different ways to “showcase” my gifts, like DVD cases, plastic boxes etc why it is all about the packaging. I like how packaging is made, I am one of those who likes to keep boxes that things have come in or even worse have purchased items just because of the packaging. My favorite packaging is anything perfume related, candles, or anything spa related. Why even last night at Starbucks I was drawn to this beautiful package not because of the content but more because of the die cut. In fact I can't even remember what was in the packaging but I can tell you the colour shape and what the design is. I know I am weird but it could be worse. But seriously company's spend literally millions of dollars creating and designing packaging that will help sell their particular product.

Check out my contribution, at least the look to help showcase your Xmas cards or any cards that you might want to create. This is a super easy project that you can do in as little as a few hours plus the cards. Check out my post here.

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