Friday, July 1, 2011

Raspberry Delight - Journaling Even the Simple Things

Today I am making some homemade rasberry ice cream for my trip to Barrie and my visit to my next door neighbours new home. She always said if she could make ice cream a food group it would be the only thing she would ever eat. Her's to her see you in a few days!

First Posted July 7, 2010

One thing I find hard not having children is journaling or even keeping memories of the simple things, like making homemade ice cream. One of the reasons I don't really scrapbook is what do I scrapbook about? I can only do so many pages of the dogs I mean they are super cute and I love them but come on how many times can you document them sleeping, eating or doing those cute doggy things they do. So I thought well why can't I do really anything, even the simple things? There is nothing wrong with doing this, I can make memories about things like making ice cream, or spending a day doing nothing but reading a book, or even better about how my lovely husband patiently waits in the car while I scope out the local scrap booking store while he plays his guitar. So that's what I have decided to do, I will scrapbook about simple things that mean something to me.


My first scrapbook page on "simple things that make me happy" I chose none other than the fact that I made homemade ice cream using the berries from my garden. For this page I have used several products most of which are not Stamping Up if you would like to know just e-mail me!

Close-up of the berries and ice cream and the journal tag which when pulled out shows my journal of what I did.

Here is the tag out of the pocket with journal.

Tag open showing journal inside and on the side date and who enjoyed.

Close-up of little tags with season, year and little drawing of raspberries, so cute!

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Kelley said...

Love this idea! I have kids, and have begun to scrapbook major events, but have noticed that all the pages are about them and the rest of my family. I've taken a friend's idea, and started a "ME!" book, and it has things in it that are just like your pages-my favorites, guilty pleasures, etc. I like scrapbooking because of the chance to reflect and give meaning to the events in my life...especially the simple things!