Sunday, October 17, 2010

RENO Done and Baby Birds

The New Deck Isn't the Only New Edition We Have

And we are done and extremely happy with the final results of our little edition. I must say it was great sitting out and enjoying the sunshine (when we had it) on our new deck. Cooking is so much easier also, no need to go up and down to get to the BBQ now, it is right where it should always have been. I must say it certainly adds more space to the family room (not that we needed it) allowing the outside in. Can't wait till next spring so we can enjoy it even more!

And Then There Were Eight

This year for my birthday I decided to buy myself some birds, Society Finches to be exact. Lee-Anne, my wonderful neighbour next door has two and I absolutely fell in love with them this spring and decided that I too want some. So off to the local pet story we went on a mission to get two male finches a cage and some odds and ends.

Here is where it began. I don't know about you but I'm not an expert in sexing birds but you would think the pet store could seeing this is their field of experts or it should be. But like anything buyer beware, it is very difficult to sex birds.

I asked the nice very young obviously high school student that I would like only males and was told that was all they carried. So I choose two lovely MALE birds named Coco and Ginger. Weeks go by and they settled in, adjusting to the fact that it was just the two of them, Coco singing his songs and Ginger (slightly more shy) just sitting silent checking things around him.

Two months pass and everything is going fine, still a shy Ginger, still Coco singing until one day... when my husband runs into the bedroom wakes me to tell me we have eggs in the nest. Sure enough there are 6 pretty little eggs no larger than your tip of your baby finger. And if I didn't know better a smirk on Coco's little face.

We kinda knew something was up couple of weeks ago when JC got a kick out of watching Coco on Ginger making these weird sounds and movements, "I think they are having sex" he said... I myself roll my eyes... men. I mean we were told they were both males, shouldn't they know the difference at the pet store?

Now we are happy to say we have baby birds. When first born they are really ugly all fleshy with no feathers or eyes, even there wings were these sad little stumps. Within two weeks they have managed to grow more than 4 times in size, they have lots of feathers and pretty little eyes and tiny little beaks that make a big sound when they are hungry. Unfortunately out of the six eggs laid we only have 3 survivors but they are happy and definitely health.

Proud Mom and Dad Ginger and Coco

First picture of one of the little baby birds peaking out of the nest.


Karen said...

Your deck looks amazing! Congrats on the baby birds. We had budgies and loved them. (They're easy to sex - they have a band over their beaks: blue for boys, pink for girls. No word of a lie.)
Enjoy your deck!

Donna D from Ottawa said...

Joanne! Your deck looks amazing and I can see how you and your dogs will really love it!
The babies are adorable... I am sure you will LOVE watching them grow... Hmmm... maybe I need some birds in MY house...