Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well the reno has been going great when I got back from my weekend away, I came home to a deck and stairs already done. And today we got a big hole in the house and then it started to poor. I felt so bad for the guys working in that cold rain but they kept on going and then before I knew it we had ourselves some kick as french doors! Tomorrow, railings go up and Friday the final unveiling.

The door construction.

So when we bought our new house a year ago (yes hard to believe time has gone by so fast) the only thing we didn't understand was why they didn't build a deck to enjoy the wonderful view and as you will see fantastic sunsets. So we decided to add a deck, remove a window and add french doors from the kitchen/family room.

Over a month ago we were happy to see that the house two doors down were replacing their deck and loved what we saw. I am always a believer that word of mouth is the best advertising and asked for the companies name. Meet Andy the handy man. He understood everything we wanted and more and we took the plunge into our first ever real reno, and are enjoying the progress that is taking place.

Outside the window that is going to be taken out and replaced with french doors.

Artistic view of the deck from the backyard.

Moving further back same angle.

Further back in the garden different point of view.

From the right side showing where the hot tub will go shhhh JC doesn't know yet...

Thanks for stopping by look for pics from my weekend away coming Tuesday!

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