Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween - Happy Birthday Dad!

Hard to believe that this is our second yes second  Halloween in our new house. It's funny I am finally feeling like it is home. I know it probably sounds funny but everything happened so quickly when we bought this place, it just felt odd for such a long time. But with the renovations done and another Halloween down I am feeling like we are home.

What I love most about  Halloween is the kids, in our old neighbourhood we watch the kids grow from little toddlers to school age to preteen and it was fun seeing them change from those cute little costumes to what was the rage at the time to something gross (we had a lot of boys in our neighbourhood. Today we don't get many kids maybe a couple of dozen, you would think living so close to the primary school that we would have more but alas we don't. But this doesn't stop us from celebrating this tradition why we even got our furry little guys into it.

Holly being the DIVA she is!

Gadget as always so not into this, kind of disgusted with us...

JC showing off his talents, yes that is snow on the ground.

Waving HI to the neighbours!

Another masterpiece from the pro...

 Our last dinner guests, they just didn't want to leave...

Happy 77th Birthday Dad

Below is the card that I made for my Dad's 77th Birthday. Its hard to believe that he is 77 he looks so great and has really bounced back from his surgery.

He is feeling fantastic, looks fantastic and pretty much all of his hair has returned. I am so proud of him. His outlook regarding the brain tumour and everything is amazing. I hope that I can be as strong, as positive as he is.

Its funny as an adult if you asked me could I still learn from my parents I would have to say, YES! I have learned so much more about my father and what I have learned is this. A positive attitude will get you further, if you have faith whether it be god or something else and you believe in that faith and lean on it you will be safe. You will be strong and able to deal with what ever is put in front of you. I am always in awe of my father and his faith. He is the one I look up to, the one I look to for a positive attitude. Thank you dad for teaching me something new. Happy Birthday Dad!

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