Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And for Something Totally Different

Holiday Challenge - Acrylic Cherry Blossom

So for over a year now I have wanted to do a painting for my dinning room wall. You see I can't just go out and buy something. I either need to take a photo or photos and frame them or do a painting and usually it is watercolour. For some reason I have kept putting it off for other things I thought were more important. To be honest frankly I was afraid to start it. You see I haven't painted since college or maybe a little after that. A very long time and though I knew in my head what I wanted to do and I had sketched it so many times in my head getting it out was difficult. I think I was suffering from creative funk, and needed to go back to basics. I always love painting and drawing in all kinds of mediums, but for some reason haven't tried for so long.

Over the holidays I made the decision. I can give really good advice unfortunately I can't listen to my own advise. Well during my second week off I did just that I started the 6 canvas panels (yes six) and I am very proud of myself. Though I am not completely done, I have done a fair amount and hope to have it completed and up on the wall within the next two weeks. Plus I have even more ideas the next one I am doing is a mixed media painting using Stampin' Up products, yes I am going to paint, why even do a collage using our papers, inks, and stamps plus tons of ribbons etc. I am getting excited just thinking about it. The canvas is 12" wide by 36" high which works perfect with our 12 x 12 paper.

In the meantime here is the painting I have been working on. If you can picture it when I hang it on the wall each 12 x 12 canvas will be separated to allow a gap in between, don't ask me why but I just have to do it this way. By doing this as separate canvases when I get bored I can mix it up and change them around and it will still work.

Have a great Tuesday!

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Karen said...

This is sooooo gorgeous!!!! I can just see it up in your dining room. I can only imagine how fabulous this looks in real life. I can't believe you painted that! Well, I can believe it but I can't - you know what I mean1 Amazing. You are so inspiring :-)