Tuesday, June 7, 2011

8 Years and Counting Happy Anniversary My Love

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary it is hard to believe that this much time has gone by, it does seem like yesterday when we got married. Though we don't see the changes in each other we do however see them in the children who helped us celebrate our special day. As each year goes by we see them grow into the beautiful women and man they are today.

Ashley who will be graduating from Guelph University next week is now 21, next is Alicia who is 20 and is at Algonquin, Katie who is also at Algonquin. Next is Matthew who is 17 finishing up High School this year, Kira who turns 16 this coming Aug is also in High School along with her sister Kaitlin who will be 14 and also in High School. And lets not forget Madison my sweet dear Madison the youngest of all just 2 when we got married who will turning 10. I still remember her running at the alter and her checking out Father Paul.

To my wonderful husband who is so supportive through everything and especially over this past year. Thank you for making each day fun, for putting up with my ways and for loving and supporting me you were certainly worth the wait.

This is one of my favorite portraits I took of my husband such a cute guy! Love you honey!

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