Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6:30 - 7:30 - 8:30 Italian Style

Good morning everyone.

My intention during my trip to Italy was to blog the entire experience on the road but as much as we are advanced with technology in North America there is something to be said for the rest of the world. So this is defiantly a delayed Ciao Bella from sunny Italy, where the temperature is a warm 30 Celsius everyday almost, very sunny with fantastic blue skies. Italy has touched all my senses and has opened me to so many fantastic wines, food, and culture. So join me over the next 2 weeks as I celebrate Italy through the eyes of my lens.

6:30 - 7:30 - 8:30 Italian Style

Monday October 3rd, 2011 - Flight to New York, Paris and Florance
I can never say that travel is easy, you would think with today's advances there would be direct flights that didn't require you to take three planes to get somewhere. Thank goodness Delta looked after us so well right from the start and managed to get our luggage directly to Florence without having to drag it every where we went.

Flight was fantastic, it felt like an hour flight once we left JFK, with a layover in Paris day one was spent traveling into another day. As we lined up to check-in I was delighted to see that Ali Edwards was in the same line-up and waiting patiently for her turn. As the group started to gather, both from Canada and the US Ali's friendly face and warmth came over to say hello and welcome us the excitement was starting to begin. Where we actually going to Italy? And was Ali really coming along with us? YOU BET!

My Work Kit

For those of you who know me packing light is not one of my best qualities but for this trip it was essential with so much to bring, camera's, cloths, tablet, shoes, shoes and more shoes. So I managed to bring just a little packed nice and neat in a case plus a few odds and ends. 


Tuesday, October 4th

After we landed and gathered our bags we boarded our first class motor coach for our short drive to Montecatini Terme.

Our bus towards the end of our stay which was
used for Miss Italia, we got a lot of waves
as we drove around Tuscany

Montecatini Terme is a charming resort town which we used as our base for the first 8 days. Once checked in there was no time for rest as we gathered our cameras and headed into town for a short stroll through the streets of our home base.

There are so many things that I love to shoot pictures of, doors, windows, gates, wrought iron , animals and people. My favorite are door knockers and door bells. I love the old look and feel the rust the bright colours. I love the out of place things, things that create emotion, that leave you thinking and wondering.

The following images are a few of my favorite shots that I took the first day.

As we walked into town just around the corner I discovered this beautiful shutter with a wrought iron railing and screens on the windows so beautiful. I love the colour combinations the earth tones.

What can I say but colour colour colour, the contrast between the absolutely fantastic yellow and the green just scream take my picture and I wasn't disappointed.

I love how the rust plays with the turquoise and the pink and then you have that wonderful chocolate door yummmm. again we have wrought iron, colour and aging what more could you want in a photo.

I love the elegance of this shot,not alot of colour used but the wrought iron manages to stand out so perfectly, like lace.


I love how the shadow is reflected on this building adding even more character to it and the railing style is so pretty and elegant another wonderful example of Italian style.

Beautiful sunset starting in a town square, throwing shadows across the building so pretty.

And of course we can't forget to the locals, I don't know how but this little guy was just so darn sweet I had to take a picture. This was the beginning of my discovery of the love Italians have for their four legged friends.

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Maggi Minneman said...

I am so excited for you! A trip to Italy; what a wonderful treat. I follow your blog irregularly to see what you've been up to in the 'invitation world', and so I was pleasantly surprised that you are going to blog about your trip. I am an older lady and don't get to travel much, but I think it will be fun to 'travel' along with you. Bon voyage!