Friday, October 21, 2011

Part II

San Donato Winery Sienna, Italy

In the afternoon after a fun filled morning in San Gimignano we headed to San Donato Winery a short distance away from Sam Gimignamo. The winery is a family owned business which was once a small town with its own church, the farm home Fattoria San Donato is located in a small medieval town, surrounded by the green hills of San Gimignano.

Strategic position, in the heart on Tuscany - 4 km from
San Gimignano, 15 km from Volterra, 35 km from Siena, 55 km from
Florence and 60 km from Pisa.

Love the US Mailbox tucked in the wall.

Church Steeple in the back ground of this small little town.

Reminds me of the the seen in "Under the Tuscan Sun"

Beautiful roses growing wild.

Such a beautiful walk way, all it needs is a table and
chair and a glass of wine.

Back of the main house.

Getting ready to enjoy an afternoon lunch at the winery.

Great food great friends!


Beautiful large medallion of Mother and Child

A Study of the Surrounding Yard

Though I know that these items were just placed
here they make such a wonderful photo opportunity

I imagine wonderful tasting wine being
created in this old bottle

Love the different textures, from stone to
wood to glass

I just love this shot, so beautiful

I was so excited with this shot,
can you say magazinead.
I love how the light plays on this planter, beautiful

Our visit to San Donato Winery was fantastic, from the wonderful food and wine to the beautiful scenery, fresh air and of course that fantastic sunshine it can't get any better than that!


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