Saturday, October 4, 2014


Nothing keeps me from my coffee...

Coffee* in China was so wonderful and I don't mean the Starbucks but the hotels we stayed at were amazing, both in services and food. We did stay at 5 star hotels so you will expect this however; the attention to detail was amazing! 

One of the things that we had fun doing was spot the Starbucks; I couldn't believe for such a Communist country that there were so many big name companies in China. One of the things that I did was to collect coffee mugs from each major city you know the ones that are themed with the cities name. And they even have different gift cards, there's are made of coated paper and they let me have two so I could scrap on this page along with instructions on how to make a good cup of Joe. Everything in Chinese of course which made it even better and unique.

I loved the outside of this particular Starbucks that I took a photo; I love this page for the colors and especially the memories.

* I will talk about the tea later in my posts


Linda Willman said...

OMG, JoAnn You are amazing! LOVE the page, the story, the colours!!!!

britcanadagal said...

I love the story too.... you should show all your starbucks mugs you've collected ;)