Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Decorating with Definitely Decorative from Stampin' Up

Hi All:

Today I am working on some wedding invitation design so it will be just a short post today. Things are starting to get done in the new house, this past weekend my cousin was down again from up North for an update appointment at the hospital. She is doing fantastic and doesn't have to return for another 6 months which sucks because we have so much fun together doing crafts etc. I must say her visits even the short ones motivate me to get things done and this post reflects one of these projects.

Our family room is looking great but was certainly missing things, pictures on walls, pillows etc. So off we went shopping to find some pillows and frames to help bring it all together. With that I bought (awhile ago) some Decor Elements from Stampin' Up. I am not sure if you are familiar with this product but I am soooooooo into it talk about instant gratification and decor WOW. I purchased the Trees, Thoughts and Prayers along with Direction of Your Dreams you can see it
here. I at first purchased the medium but when I first started to measure I realized it was going to be to small for such a large wall and ended up ordering the large which was perfect. This product is super easy to apply. I would however suggest for big items such as this that you have someone to help if even to just double check your measuring and leveling. Other than that it was honestly so easy to apply and in the end breathtaking. I must say it took less than 1 hour to apply this, which is not long at all. And our family room has gone from nice to WOW, here are some pictures of the end product.

I will be posting more as I continue to definitely decorative my house using this wonderful product from Stampin' Up.


Marie said...

Looks great! I've got the same birds over my craft room doorway but sadly no place for the tree (which I love).

Would love to see what else do so I'll be looking forward to more posts.

But don't you mean that you'll continue to post as you definitely "decorate" your home!

Donna D from Ottawa said...

Hi Joanne!
Love what you are doing in your new home... If no one else has spoken for the med birds (Direction of your dreams) I would love to buy them from you - think they would be great in my bedroom!