Friday, November 4, 2011

6:30 - 7:30 - 8:30 Italian Style - Day 5

Workshop with Ali Edwards, IL Poggio Winery and Cooking Class with Limoncello

6:30 - 7:30 - 8:30

After a leisure breakfast we begin our 2nd workshop with Ali Edwards called Storyology "Techniques for Sharing the Stories of Life" see here. This is an excellent class with our 1st Workshop "Scrapbooking on the Road" see here. It gets you to look at scrapbooking in a different way, there is nothing traditional about this, it allows you to develop your ideas and instead of a hugh book with page after page, it allows you to share feelings and moments collectively. It is a book you would create before you leave so that you can add things, moments, and pictures as you travel. I like to do a journal and then create but I have taken this concept and made sure that I collected things as I traveled, receipts, menu;s, business cards, why even gelato spoons. Anything that will make my scrapbook more personal.

IL Poggio Winery & Cooking Class with Limoncello

On the road heading for IL Poggio Winery
The history of the farm “Il Poggio” is nearly as ancient as its land. The fame of Il Poggio’s wines has been testified since 845 when it was acclaimed in the archiepiscopal archives of Lucca. At that time the estate belonged to the ancient farm of “San Piero in Campo”. Today the farm, owned by lord Giancarlo Rossi, has been completely renewed and production of the wine and olive-oil is now open to visitors with traditional Tuscan hospitality.

The farm ‘Il Poggio’ is situated in the middle of the most visited tourist destinations in Tuscany; the world wide famous artistic towns such as Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Pistoia are all close by. In the surroundings one is able to find many small medieval villages and natural beauties which can but only fascinate the most attentive tourist, even if they are not on the usual beaten track. Il Poggio is included in the wine circuit ‘Streets of the Wine’ created by the Tuscan administration in the area of Chianti D.O.C wine production. It details the top routes in the whole region which have a strong wine vocation beside natural, cultural and artistic beauties. Montecarlo, the municipality where the farm lies, is included in the route of the ‘Streets of the Wine of the Hills of Lucca and Montecarlo’ which identifies the production area of the Montecarlo D.O.C white wine. This wine is among one of the first wines which obtained the D.O.C certification in 1969.

During the winter season the old wine cellar becomes a warm and welcoming dining-room. In spring and autumn, if the weather is fine, it is wonderful to dine outside and enjoy the warmth of the first or last sunbeams. In summer the ancient trees of the large park offer a cool shelter from the heat and in the evenings torches and lamps create a magical setting.

We enjoyed our lunch in the wine cellar, sampling a typical Tuscan “merenda”; a substantial snack along with a full course meal. We tried a variety of wines with each dish and I was really surprised how each dish changed how the wine tasted. At first I sampled the wine on its own and was disappointed but learned you should never drink wine on its own, the pleasure comes from trying different meats and cheeses and enjoying the different flavours that comes from .
savoring each glass.

They also sell many items at the winery, I took home a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5 year old balsamic vinager and truffle oil. And I wish I had bought more it is so absolutly delicious.

Enjoying a Afternoon at IL Poggio Winery

Though we did not eaten outside that day
(we got to eat in the cellar) this is a anything but typical setting.

Beautiful places to relax and take it all in.

What a sweetie.
One of many pots on the property.

The vinyards that go on for miles.

Paola with his new friend a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Yes it is a tractor but look at the colour
and condition I just loved it.
 The Cooking Class

Ali Edwards getting her apron on.

My buddy Yvonne getting her apron on.
Pappa cooking it up with Ms. Amy looks like
she is enjoying make sauce with a saucy Pappa!

Making pasta is very simple and uses
very little ingredients, flour, water and egg.

I am having such a good time
making ravioli, bow ties and twists.

Breaking into song, to get me in the mood.

My baby ravioli so pretty and tiny.

Pappa loves to hug the ladies, ohhhh Pappa!


Karen said...

I am really enjoying the posts about your trip to Italy! Your photos are so gorgeous and your descriptions make me feel like I'm there too.

studiono8 said...

thanks love I so miss you hope your doing well!