Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good Finds - Finding the Joy - Decorating for Christmas

Your probably wondering where Day 5 -13 has gone from my trip to Italy but I have to tell you I have thousands of photos and of course I love them all, want to print them all but it takes so much time. How did I think I was going to do this while I was on my trip I really don't know. What makes it worse all of my other projects are getting behind which then throws me off. So I am going to be posting some of my projects and then some of my trip and so on.

Lately I have been humbugging about Christmas on Facebook. It's not the celebration but the speed to which things are moving. All those commercials are freaking me out, they all sound like you have no time and have to get it done now. I want to enjoy the season, slow down the pace, enjoy the moments that happen. Not run around with my head cut off.

So I am slooooooooooooooooooowing down and to do this one of the new projects I am taking on is Ali Edwards December Daily 2011 I love her "Capture Life" Create Art" its so true. I have been struggling with doing this because I don't have children that I can capture day to day things about. But during my trip to Italy I had an opportunity to sit with her and discuss what I thought was a dilemma, how do I "Capture Life" when it's just me (my husband, 3 dogs and 5 birds). True to what I already knew but seem to not realize is that I do matter. Just because I don't have children doesn't mean I don't have joy, my joy is just different. There are moments, there are things, there are feelings that I feel and can capture and create with. So I am taking the challenge and I am doing it. My book is going to be December Daily 2011 - Joy in My Life. Twenty-five days of joy through the eyes of a camera. I am so excited! So stay tuned

NOEL in Shadow Box

For today's project I used a shadow box I found at where else HomeSense and of course this one was in Barrie, Ontario when I visited my old but favorite neighbour Lee-Anne in August. Again when you find a good find don't hesitate buy it trust me you will use it eventually.

For this project I used a complete Christmas kit with everything matching the rest of the supplies I will use later for presents that I will be making.

This was a red shadow box that I found at HomeSense size is 10 x 10. Door opens on the side with two hooks on the back in case I want to hang it on the wall. I rubbed chocolate ink on it to give it a rustic look and some age. I will be adding this to my tea cup cupboard on the top with some other items but will take a picture so you can see the final project.

I only adhered the page with two way tape so that I can change it up if I wish. My kitchen is chocolate and red with a Parisian twist and I just might change it up and use it in there when the holiday is over.

The picture does not do it justice maybe you will have to come for a visit to see it live.


Tammy Richard said...

Like I said on FB, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I want one...specially that it's my fav color...
You do awesome art! I am also lucky to have you as a friend as you share sneak peaks with us. I love you! xxx

studiono8 said...

I love you Tammy! Thank You!

Maggi Minneman said...

Lovely! I've been following your Italian trip........enjoyed so much what you have already shared. So....of course I am interested (intrigued) in the journey you will be going on in pictures through the month of December. Thanks, too, that you have reminded me that even though my kids are grown and not nearby, I have wonderful things that happen to ME daily. This is going to be something for me to watch you accomplish and maybe copy for myself......Thanks for sharing.

Jeni said...

I'm doing the Dec Daily this year too - just need to slow down and find something every day that reflects the spirit of the season.

Erika Clark said...

Just gorgeous! I LOVE shadowboxes, and yours, of course is perfection.

gherlashdawn said...

I've always had a soft spot for Italy a lot of reasons. I've lived here since right after h.s. I'm now 24 and I experienced a lot. Visas a document showing that a person is authorized to enter the territory for which it was issued. I went to school here, got my first job here, my first apartment and so many other great things (and even not so great things) happened for me here. I learned a lot. This is where I truly grew up/became an adult. I love everything about it, good and not so good.