Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baroque Motifs - Scott Lee Roberts Photography

It's All About Presentation

Well I must say there is a lot going on these days. We have very quickly decided to put our house on the market as we have found our dream home. It is amazing all those DIY jobs that you say you will get to and end up not doing sure do pile up. Anyway, I am very behind with my posts, I apologize but we are in fix-up, and presentation mode for the next 10 days so I apologize and will make it up to you with a great give away once we get the house it top condition. But I would like to share with you another wonderful photo shoot from Scott Lee Roberts Photography I call this one Cherish.


About: Scott Lee Roberts Photography
We are a husband and wife photography team based out of Ottawa, specializing in wedding, maternity and family portraits. We first met at university, got married shortly after we graduated, and have been together, cameras in hand, ever since. Each bringing our unique abilities and distinct expressions to our work, we are both fully engaged in the process of capturing beautiful images for our clients.
Working closely together on every shoot, we are personally involved with every creative and technical aspect of our business. From the time we first meet with you, throughout the day of the shoot, and right up until we deliver the final products, we are working hard to create sincerely beautiful photographs. Our photos are about people, relationships, and inspired moments...and we work very hard to capture this essence in all our images. We strive to create photographs that are meaningful, a little bit unique, and most of all, timeless.

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so creative!