Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Little Retrospect and Some More Pics Scotland - Isle of Mull and Iona

How I Wish I Was There Now...

I have often said when I die I want to die and be buried in Scotland in fact on the Isle of Mull and Iona. This has to be the most beautiful place on earth. I am so in love with the people, the scenery and especially the history. Everyday I think about it in some way, longing to visit there again if only it would be tomorrow.

I would love to go and stand where I once stood before, like so many before me, take in the salt air, the setting sun on my face, the endless miles of green grass and grazing sheep. I am not sure if I really appreciated it as much as I do now, or when I look at my pictures. And when I talk to people who have come back from visiting there I long to hear their stories about where they have been.

Here are a few of the pictures that make my heart sing and I long for the next time I can visit my adopted home.

Once you leave the ferry this is the spectacular view you see.

Iona Nunnery see more about it here

The picturesque Nunnery ruins, with their tranquil cloister garden, are close by the ferry landing. The Iona Nunnery was once a Benedictine convent, established in 1203, with Beatrice, daughter of Somerled, as first prioress. The pink granite walls that remain are amongst the best examples of a medieval nunnery left in Britain.

I love this shot just because of what I see through the window.

I love how the focus changes from the beautiful planter to the stretch of green grass.

The contrast of the ruins to the grass that has grown over the edge.

The pumpkin patch, wonder if Charlie Brown has seen this patch?

It was hard enough not just lying in the grass with this little fellow.

Inside the Iona Abbey see more here

Iona Abbey is one of Scotland’s most historic and sacred sites. The abbey was founded by St Columba in 563 AD. As a celebrated focus for Christian pilgrimage, Iona retains its spiritual atmosphere and remains an enduring symbol of worship.

One of the many windows in the Abbey so beautiful see another example here

Today people still worship here

Outside the Abbey see more here

This is one of favorite pics, it also includes my husband so that makes it extra special.

The entrance to the Abbey

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