Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scrap'n Stamp Canada Halloween Treats Stinky Feet

Hi All:

Well Halloween is getting closer and with that candy. I love mini chocolate bars and treats packaging, small enough that you know you can have at least one without feeling to guilty. But small enough to hide the wrappers of the ones that you don't count.

Every year I try not to buy Halloween candy until the last minute I mean really we have no will power in our house. This month our kit came with Halloween paper etc and we were asked to come up with some ideas to help celebrate this wonderful tradition.

For my posting I need to buy a "little" bit of candy enough for the packages and some extra for the photo shoot. So I sent my wonderful husband off to the Bulkbarn to get a variety of items with instructions to get orange, black and white candy only and remember I said "a Little". Half hour later and $20 dollars, yes you heard me $20 dollars later my wonderful husband brings home a sack of candy. Trust me when you see my designs your going to ask me where is the rest of that candy, we only needed maybe a $2.00 worth.

Anyway check out my holiday treats and enjoy! See my samples here.

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