Friday, January 8, 2010

FRIDAY PHOTO'S - Going to the Dogs...

Throw Me a Bone...

Happy Friday everyone! Today's post is a happy one. Over the holidays I took some pictures of our fur kids and thought I would share these with you.

Holly is a fawn pug, who is so spoiled rotten but how can you not with a face like that. Pug's have this funny way of turning there heads from side to side when you talk to them as if they really are understanding you. Holly's favorite thing is to eat, lick Gadgets face and cuddle with JC. She is a big snuggler and loves to stretch out and sleep away the hours. She loves to have her picture taken as you can see, and loves to have her back scratched even more. Everyone has to be her friend and she actually likes to watch TV and often barks at the animals. Trust me its very funny.

Here are a few pic of the "princess" as we like to call her...

Who me?

Don't disturb me.

At her best all stretched out and liven the good life.

Gadget is our old man. He is a black pug, his favorite pastime, is to sleep, lick Holly's face for extra snacks. He loves to put Holly in her place, chasing her often. Unlike Holly Gadget doesn't like to snuggle or be hugged, he will put up with it but is very disgusted after. Gadget reminds me of Winston Churchill with out the cigar, his little round face and wrinkles. He often likes to eat gum, and other such things, and when we see him chewing we just say "spit it out" and it drops out from that hidden spot in his mouth. Gadget is like a little heater, he loves to sleep under the covers in your back and he snores like a train coming at you at 400 miles per hour. Often we will mute the TV and listen to see who is snoring more him or Holly.

If you are looking to buy a dog and want one that is good with children and excellent personality than a pug is for you. But make sure you buy from a reputable breeder, as there are dogs being passed off as pugs but you can usually pick out the crossbred ones.

Always so serious.


kimroberts11 said...

These photos are amazing Jojo!! I cant wait to come play with your dogs.

Olivia Peters

HomePro Inspections said...

Oh my sweetness, I love your fur babies so much and you are an amazing artist and so talented!!!