Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest Speaker Sale-A-Bration Smackdown

Yesterday was a fantastic day, I was the guest speaker at Sale-A-Bration Smackdown for local demonstrators and customers. Basically we get together and learn new ideas and techniques and of course the make-and-takes can't forget them. This was organized by the ever so lovely Marlayne from SparkleDaisy Stamping Thank you Marlayne! 

Over the next few days I will be showing you what I created for this event and what I talked about. This was my very first time as a guest speaker but I have to tell you the ladies made me feel so at ease and so welcomed that it was like a walk in the park. I will also show you the fantastic make-and-takes that we made.

Over the next few weeks I will also be posting my Sneak Peaks for this years Wedding Invitation Workshop. So there are lots of things going on over here in the studio.

Dreaming = Creative = Pillow

Creating for me is like breathing, cut off the creativity cuts the oxigen to my brain, not good. Most of the ideas I have been getting lately have come from dreams I have had. For example, many of the wedding invitations that I have designed come from dreams and anything 3D too.

Generally I don't sleep through the night, mostly a couple of hours. If I am having a creative dream I make sure that I have paper close by and a pen and flashlight so I can jot down what ever it was that I dreamed. Now for most of you, you probably think I am nuts and you might be right but if I don't write it down chances are I won't remember it and that just can't happen.

I love the fact that not only are Stampin Up's Classic Ink Colours fantastic but they also offer a Craft version for many of them that can be used for everthing else that isnt paper. This opens even more possibilites of creating items other than cards of scrapbooking.

I have always wanted to stamp on fabric and I have been dreaming of doing a pillow for so long it seems. Again another one of those dreams. So as one of my projects to "Show and Tell" for Sale-A-Bration Smackdown I designed this pillow using Stampin Up Products!

NOTE: Instructional and supplies PDF to follow.


Karen said...

What a gorgeous pillow! I bet those ladies had a fabulous time. I can just picture you - totally hilarious, inspirational, genuine, leaving everybody feel so empowered and creative at the end. Wish I could have been there.
And that pillow! Holy dinah, that is so incredible. Vintage but still up-to-date, with all kinds of creative techniques. Totally out of the box and completely fabulous.
Well, I should save some adjectives for your next post :)

Irina said...

Now that is brilliant! You've always inspired me so much. Your designs are simply gorgeous! ALWAYS!

Cindy Major said...

That's very unique and different!