Saturday, September 7, 2013


Lunch Bag Love

For me the cooler weather and the dogs at the window barking as the kids head back to school is my signal that summer vacation is over. You see we have no children but it doesn't mean that I don’t love seeing them head off for a new year of growing their minds. I love hearing the school bell ring and the kids play at recess and lunch time it reminds me of my childhood.

This year I decided to design some cool printable lunch love notes. If I was a Mom I would have so done this. I would have been that annoying Mom who would draw all over their lunch bags (ours would always be brown paper and crayon approved). So in celebration of the new school year I am going to try and do a series of these notes that you can download and print and make your child the envy of the lunch room.

Please share with your other Moms it's FREE! Get the PDF HERE.


Gail - said...

Love it Jo-Ann! I can print these out and give them to my daughters to put in my granddaughter's lunches - what a GREAT idea - and for you to give us them for FREE is awesome! I am LOVING your posts! Hugs to you!

Jo-Ann Pullen said...

thank you so much more to come in the coming weeks! love you!

Jo-Ann Pullen said...

could you pass around my the link I have added the PDF for those who want to keep better than JPG!

Donna D from Ottawa said...

Great idea Jo.. You know you could use some of these in JP's lunch too... Nothing says love notes are just for kids~ <3 *wink*

Jo-Ann Pullen said...

great idea maybe I should make an adult version!