Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cake Good Enough To Eat

Decorations Make Them Homemade...

I like to look for ideas and ways of decorating for a shower or even for a wedding that are not to costly but give the WOW factor. I also like to personalize things, but not spend a lot of money.

When I got married, one of the things that I did was take very expensive white wrapping paper (pricey paper better quality) and wrapped individually three box each smaller than the other. Once they were wrapped I put one on top of the other (so it looks like a cake) and using quality cream coloured ribbon (shearer the better) held them together on all four sides. From there again using quality silk flowers I removed everything except a few green stems and hot glued them to the boxes ensuring the best flower(s) for the top. Remember you don't need a lot of flowers just play with the positioning will be just fine.

So with that in mine I did an updated version using Stampin' Up DSP Urban Garden and some hat boxes that I found at Pritchard Packaging. For those of you who live in Ottawa and don't know about this place it is so fantastic. You can not only find so many ideas here but the prices are hard to beat.

I am going to dig through my boxes of negatives yes negatives and see if I can find some pics of what I did for my wedding so you can see. But in the meantime here is what I ended up with.

Let me know what you think?


Jenn said...

ooooh! Very nice!!! I love it! You are going to miss Baja Breeze, aren't you!?

Marie said...

Just BEAUTIFUL Jo-Ann! I love how you added ribbon and designer paper to finish the boxes off!

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness, this is soooooooo gorgeous!!! You're right: It looks good enough to eat. Your attention to detail is phenomenal. Closest to perfection I've seen!