Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Darling

Hard to believe another year has gone by
365 days and another Anniversary is here.

When JC and I met, over 7 years ago, if you asked me at 37 if I would be getting married I would probably have laughed. I have been a single gal for a long time, had a good job bought my own home what more could I need or what. And then I met him, it was kismet, it was easy, it was meant to be. And today we are celebrating our 6Th Wedding Anniversary. Who would have guessed, that a chance meeting (we had meet before many times but never really introduced) at the Palladium (now know as Scotia Place) would have changed our lives forever.

So today I would like to say thank you to my husband and I love you, we have come a long way since our first date at Capone's on Carling.

Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I would also like to say happy 51st Anniversary to my Mom and Dad, who also were married on June 7, and are in love just as much today as they were 51 years ago.


Going with the Flow By Renee said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you found your soul mate as I did too! Your website is lovely and I also look forward to seeing what you are up to next! Have a blessed day! Renee

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! What wonderful love stories in this post! Your wedding pictures are beautiful and I also loved the ones of your parents. The camera really caught the magic! Thanks for sharing these stories. Best wishes,