Monday, June 15, 2009

Odds and Sods and a Few Pics

Today was a Good Day - Chores and Some Pics

Today was a good day. The sun was shinning and the list of chores not that long. Latley we have had a lot of rain and the days that have been good well you guessed it I was stuck indoors working. I have been trying to get at the backyard for the last couple of weeks with no luck. All the plants have been sitting there itch'n to find there new homes. And frankly I want the backyard finished so I can enjoy it.

Unfortunately my hands have not been very co-operative. You see I am having a bad case (going for x-rays to confirm) of carpal tunnel in both writs and in fact it is in my arms and hands. So, I haven' t been able to do a lot the past 4 weeks. Honestly it has been tough and I have been very crabby, wouldn't you if all you could do it sit there. I haven't felt at all creative, the pain has been too much and constant. In fact I have a whole punch of new items from Stampin Up that I have wanted to get at but waiting. Today I said enough and I sucked it up and worked on the garden, of course my wonderful husband had to help me. Basically lifting pots, digging holes, moving things here and there. Sometimes I think he thinks I am getting him to move things just just for the fun of it. You know the old move the piano here the plane there. (I was doing a photo shoot couple of years ago using the company jet, and kept having them move it a few feet.)

Anyway here are some pics from today.

Enjoy drop me a line let me know what you think.


I am really into container gardening, our backyard is not very big,
and I find these easy to do any very decorative.

This is my wonderful husband, after I stopped bugging him
doing what he loves to do, can you guess?

This is our BIG garden, it probably measures three feet by two feet, but its all ours!

More container gardening this time it is herbs.

This is our new patio furniture, which we love but frankly I would never order from Sears they have terrible customer service. One of the responses that I received back regarding a complaint was:

"We have documented your concerns regarding this experience for internal review and future product consideration, as it is through comments such as yours that help us to stay in touch with our customer's needs and to improve our service and standards."

I have ye to hear from anyone.

These are the Arctic Poppies in our front yard, when I first planted these I had two - three buds, today I have 14 coming in. These poppies last maxim 3-4 days, and yes they are this bright it looks so fake.

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