Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Easy to LOVE Missy "O"

Gosh it is hard to believe that it has been a month since my last post and really have no excuse other than things have been busy. From dealing with my depression to my Dads tumour not shrinking and the discovery of two more life just seems to be passing by so quickly.

But like everything we need to continue you to live each day to the fullest and enjoy the time that we have no matter what. Life does go on. For today's over due post I am celebrating my love for Miss Olivia, the daughter of my wonderful friend Kim (see Kim and Nicks wedding here).
This weekend we are celebrating her 2nd birthday it's hard to believe how much she has grown from her 1st birthday. So I thought I would celebrate by doing a special page of her. I also found this beautiful poem that simple describes everything I love about little girls.

The Love of Little Girls

Little girls are made of daisies & butterflies & soft kitty cat purrs
And all the precious memories of times that once were.
Little girls are made of angel's wings and giggles and a firefly's glow
And all the happy feelings, deep inside, that we all know.
Little girls are made of cinnamon and bubbles and fancy white pearls
And snowflakes and rainbows and ballerina twirls.
Little girls are made of sunshine and cupcakes and fresh morning dew,
And these are the reasons, little one, why everyone loves you.

I love how the colours are working here all the pink makes the green so more electric so pretty.
By making this design nice and simple it allows the photo to be the main focus

I love creating flowers they are so easy to do, all you need is a punch, some water, coloured mist, and you have a beautiful flower. Add some items that you found in the jewelry section of your local craft store and you have a one of a kind flower that no one else has.

Here is a close up i love the words in the frame Sweet Little Girl with a little pearl.
Thank you for stopping by I will be posting more in the coming weeks.

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