Monday, June 21, 2010

Elegant Yet Simple - Simone and James July 2010

Welcome First Day of Summer and Another Happy Bride!

Today I am excited to post this absolutely stunning invitation for Simone and James.

This happy couple have decided to unite their love and family's in front of friends and family this coming July and I was thrilled to design their invitation for them. I work with Simone, she is a wonderful friend mother and soon to be wife, who would do anything for you and has. Simone and James have been together for as long as I have know her plus, which works out to be 10 years I think. They are a cute couple, and last Christmas James popped the question and Simone said yes. To say I was excited was a understatement, I mean I was Elaine from Seinfeld you know how she physically pushes people and yells "get out of here" minus the pushing. And then when I saw the ring well, trust me it is so beautiful and she deserves being spoiled.

When we met to talk about what she would like we decided to do two different design and with one of them a couple of variations. The first was an orchid theme, purple, greens, turquoises and the second more creams, simple no fuss. Here is the one that they chose, which is classy and elegant just like Simone.

Close-up of their monogram.

Close-up of the beautiful heart with glitter, ribbon and the scallop boarder.

The complete package, neat and tidy and ready to be mailed.

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